The application allows the collection of site data without GPS, Internet access

The new Buildots application allows the collection of site data without GPS or Internet access.


Buildots, a construction technology start-up, has launched a new app that gives project managers access to critical information on the go.

The company uses artificial intelligence algorithms at providing construction companies with a solution to control every activity on the construction site.

Buildots automatically validates captured images using helmet-mounted 360-degree cameras to detect any discrepancies between blueprints, planning and reality on the construction site.

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The new application allows managers to access data while walking around the site, without the need for Internet access or GPS.

The app provides up-to-date information on all areas visited, including the latest progress reports, delays and issues, enabling managers to respond to issues faster, save time and reduce costs.

With the introduction of the Buildots app, project managers have on-the-go access to a fully digitized project construction control room.

The iOS app for tablets is designed to work well even in environments with limited connectivity.

The app is updated once a network connection is reestablished. Buildots’ computer vision AI is highly accurate and can detect and analyze every item, including an electrical outlet, window, vent, or more, validating it against the project schedule and designs.

“The mobile app adds an additional layer to an already powerful tool that allows managers to monitor project details in the field while having a bird’s-eye view of the entire site,” says Aviv Leibovici, Product Manager of Buildots “With Buildots in the palm of their hand, managers can nip problems in the bud by finishing projects ahead of schedule and under budget.