Site makes stat push for Jared Goff as NFL MVP


Jared Goff runs in a game against Seattle for the Lions.

While the Detroit Lions have plenty of questions about their start to the 2022 season, one thing that can’t be questioned is Jared Goff’s play.

The quarterback has done a good job so far leading the Lions, and aside from some costly interceptions, that’s no reason the team has lost games. Coincidentally, he is one of the reasons the Lions have participated in many of their competitions so far. To some, that fact might come as a shock considering how little faith many have shown in Goff this offseason.

As a result of this, should Goff get more publicity for the NFL MVP award? Some think it should be, and Twitter site StatMuse has put together an interesting case for it.

The site pointed out that Goff is currently statistically better than some of the greatest players such as Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Jalen Hurts and Justin Herbert. It’s a who’s who of the quarterback position at the start of 2022.

“Jared Goff this season: More accomplishments than Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers. More passing yards than Brady, Mahomes, Hurts. More touchdown passes than Allen, Herbert, Rodgers. MVP?”, the site tweeted.

Even if so, the MVP speech for Goff has been muted and likely will remain so. It’s hard for some to justify the quarterback as one of the best passers in the league, but statistically those facts are hard to ignore.

Another thing to keep in mind? Goff did it unarmed as Detroit’s offensive line was undermined, and names like D’Andre Swift, DJ Chark, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jameson Williams all ran out of time.

Because of this, Goff could be an MVP, as he guards the Lions in games with his arm. Even so, few people are likely to see it that way, despite having a career season.

Goff posts strong stats in 2022 season

As this comparison shows, there have been few more impressive quarterbacks so far this season than Goff, even if he hasn’t received much of the love reserved for those other names.

So far, Goff has been a passing maniac, throwing a solid 1,126 yards and 11 touchdowns for just three interceptions so far. His quarterback rating also sits at 99.9. Here’s a look at what he did on the pitch in Week 4:

Jared Goff highlights Week 4 against the Seahawks (apparently it’s a weekly thing now.)Jared Goff once again launches 4 TDs this season. This man cannot be stopped.2022-10-04T04:36:01Z

Goff was one of the main reasons the Lions offense was so explosive. His ability to distribute the ball confidently did a lot for the team, and he played with relative control apart from a few mistakes.

Goff’s case for NFL MVP is likely impossible

While that idea is fun, and statistically Goff could qualify for the award based on a lot of factors, he’s unlikely to be a strong MVP candidate given the team he’s playing on.

This year, the Lions are 1-3 in the first four weeks of the season and are suffering from a defense that goes down in history for how bad they are. Although Detroit’s offense has been phenomenal so far, the defense hasn’t matched them and cost the team a lot of the momentum they’ve been trying to build.

Additionally, the Lions would need to make a massive push for the playoffs and Goff would need to continue posting cartoonish numbers in order to have a chance of winning the MVP politically. With others like Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen playing for winning teams, the road would just be too long for a guy like Goff buried in a place like Detroit.

Even if so, Goff has easily been Detroit’s MVP so far this season, and that’s a good reason to celebrate, especially as the team continues to find its way this year.

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