Scarborough swimming pool site could become a 100-bed hotel

Plans for a £15million investment in North Bay in Scarborough will be presented to councilors at a cabinet meeting next week.

Yorkshire businessman Nick Thomas MBE has presented plans for the hotel and offered to buy the site of the former Ryndle Crescent indoor swimming pool from Borough Council.

During their meeting, the councilors will be asked to approve the sale of the land to allow the redevelopment plans to move to the next stage.

Through his company – Qdos Entertainment – Mr. Thomas wants to build a hotel with 100 rooms, including several suites, with or without sea views.

On the ground floor, there would be a bar, restaurant and meeting space.

It is claimed that the hotel would create around 120 new jobs and provide around 70,000 additional night beds a year, which he said would contribute £3.4million to the local economy.

Billed as a four-star “plus” hotel, the property would be promoted as a destination location that Mr Thomas said would not be in direct competition with neighboring properties.

The investment would be privately funded.

The city council says

“A shortage of higher quality accommodation in Scarborough has been highlighted in several previous studies, including the recent Visitor Savings Strategy from 2020”.

North Bay’s master plan – which was approved by cabinet at its July 1 meeting – also includes an ambition to improve facilities for visitors and residents. A hotel is considered complementary to the overall vision of North Bay. This would be the first major element of the master plan to come to fruition.

The pool closed in 2017 when new facilities opened at the sports village and permission to demolish the building was granted in 2021. Site clearance work began earlier this year.

If approved, the council will benefit from the proceeds from the sale of the land and ongoing revenue from commercial rates.

The hotel proposal would mean the loss of part of the car park, but this would be mitigated by more use of an additional parking area in front of the proposed hotel.

The North Bay masterplan also includes the possibility of a multi-storey car park at the former Atlantis site that would provide more space than would be lost at Ryndle Crescent.

The redevelopment of the former swimming pool site is subject to obtaining planning permission.

Councilor Liz Colling, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth, said:

“We have an exciting and ambitious vision for North Bay in Scarborough, which is set out in the master plan which Cabinet approved earlier this month.

“Improving facilities for visitors and residents is essential for future development and programs that could help us achieve this are welcome.

“We received a first offer to purchase the former indoor swimming pool site to make way for a new hotel proposal which would be added to the existing accommodation offer.

“If the cabinet approves the purchase, we will benefit from the proceeds of the sale which we can reinvest in local services in Scarborough.”