Pembrokeshire site chosen for company’s first green hydrogen project in UK | Housing news in Wales

The site of a former Royal Navy weapons depot in Pembrokeshire has been lined up for a green hydrogen project.

Trecwn Green Energy Hub is being developed by Statkraft and is the company’s first green hydrogen project to be announced in the UK.

The hub is the first of several projects planned by Statkraft, which would create jobs and use local knowledge and skills, helping transport shift from using fossil fuels to clean alternatives.

The Pembrokeshire plant, which is set to be built on the site of a disused rail transfer shed, would produce around three tonnes of green hydrogen per day. That’s enough to run a single bus over 40,000 miles, or the equivalent of making 350 journeys from Fishguard to Cardiff.

While hydrogen is traditionally extracted from fossil fuels, Statkraft’s proposal for Trecwn is for green hydrogen – which is extracted from water in a process powered by electricity generated by renewables. In this case, from three wind turbines and solar panels on the ground, without carbon emissions.

It is expected that the green hydrogen generated at Trecwn will be used to power trains running on railway lines west of Swansea, providing many electrification benefits, such as the use of a fuel without carbon, but at considerably lower investment costs and with fewer requirements. for new infrastructure.

It could also power Pembrokeshire Council’s fleet of HGVs and buses, with the site capable of producing enough green hydrogen to run around 170 buses each day, when operational.

As the proposed facility will produce over 10 MW of renewable electricity, it is defined as a development of national significance. The planning application will therefore be submitted to Planning and Environmental Decisions Wales (PEDW) with the final decision taken by Welsh Ministers.

Initial site investigations have begun and Statkraft will submit a scoping request to PEDW shortly to ensure that appropriate environmental studies are conducted as proposals are developed.

Statkraft is also contacting about 5,000 homes and businesses in the community with more details about the project and consultation events.

Matt Kelly of Statkraft UK said: “Trecwn Green Energy Hub presents an exciting opportunity to generate local green energy for local use and has the potential to act as a catalyst for the redevelopment of Trecwn Valley. We work closely with the county of Pembrokeshire. Council, and although we are at an early stage of the project, we are eager to hear what the locals think. »

Cllr Paul Miller, Deputy Chief and Cabinet Member for Location, Region and Climate Change, added: “The growth and development of renewable technology and industry across the county, including in our more rural communities , are key to ensuring that we position Pembrokeshire and the South West region at the heart of the renewable energy push in Wales.”