Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev Now Provide Better Site Insight Using Bing Data

Microsoft Edge has started testing a new update that aims to provide better information about the site to users. The feature was spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2 in the Edge Canary and Dev channels, but it’s currently available to a subset of Edge Insiders.

The Site Information menu in Microsoft Edge allows users to identify and validate the authenticity of a website. Currently, it provides details about connection, security, certificate validity, etc. However, the Edge Insider team recently added Microsoft Bing integration to this flyout to include additional settings on founders, parent company, site creation date, supported languages, and links to all. relevant social feeds.

Source: reddit

If you are an Edge Insider, you can enable this feature by going to Settings, then clicking “Privacy, Search & Services”. Now activate the “Enable site security services to get more information about the websites you visit” toggle button. Finally, go to the address bar and then click on the lock button as shown in the screenshot.

This new security feature is expected to provide an additional layer of security protection to help users protect themselves against malicious websites. That said, this feature is not yet available to all Insiders on the Canary and Dev Edge channels, and it may take some time before it becomes available to everyone.

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