Local MP continues to fight for community use of site belonging to former Teddington Police Station | Local News | New

Local MP Munira Wilson has tabled an amendment to the Government’s Leveling and Regeneration Bill which would remove any ambiguity in the law regarding the sale of public property.

Alongside the people of Teddington, Ms Wilson has campaigned for many months for the sale of Teddington Police Station, a public good at the heart of the local community.

Following its closure in 2017, it was confirmed in August 2021 by Sophie Linden that the site would be released for sale and is currently advertised in the marketplace.

The MP for Twickenham and Teddington has fought to ensure the site is kept for communal use. Specifically, Teddington Park Surgery is in dire need of a new home, and there is a desperate need for more affordable accommodation for local key workers and young people who have been driven out of the area.

In an open letter to London Mayor Sadiq Kahn yesterday, Ms Wilson said she had tabled an amendment to the Leveling Bill and called for the Mayor’s public support on the back of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) seeking further advice on the sale of Teddington Police Station.

In the letter, she said: ‘My amendment, new Term 51, would enshrine in law the right of local authorities to consider community value when selling state-owned assets, making it clear that lower bids may be accepted where they are more beneficial to the local economy, social infrastructure or the environment.

“Essentially, my amendment also ensures that this right is granted to MOPAC, and therefore to sites such as Teddington Police Station.

She continued: “I am writing to you on a matter of principle with a very simple question: will you show your public support for my amendment and signal to all Londoners, once and for all, that you are a mayor who puts the needs of local authorities before filling the pockets of promoters?