Combining Deep Site Data and AI Capacity to Advance Clinical Trials Labmate Online

A multi-year partnership leading to an enterprise application combining extensive patient recruitment and site performance data with predictive models and advanced analytics, has been announced by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Medidata Acorn AI, a Dassault Systèmes company focused on digital life sciences transformation, and Thermo Fisher’s PPD clinical research business are collaborating to develop the TrueCast PPD platform that can deliver extended representations of site performance over time. combined with machine learning, which will provide pharma and biotech companies with actionable insights into optimizing clinical research site selection, trial enrollment and study cycle times.

“The clinical trial industry continues to demand new big data and predictive analytics tools to improve trial planning and execution and accelerate clinical trials,” said David M Johnston, PhD, Senior Vice President and President, Clinical Research, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “With the extensive site-level data collected by PPD and Medidata, customers now have even greater visibility into a trial’s performance for any study our clinical research activity helps them conduct.” We have already successfully deployed this machine learning-based insights to give us a competitive edge in site selection in the crowded trial landscape. »

By using artificial intelligence (AI) models to predict cycle times and enrollment performance, the platform can automatically track study performance and predict enrollment risk. When mitigation is needed, the app provides access to real-time site performance metrics to identify top performing sites.

“AI and advanced analytics are playing an increasingly critical role in a rapidly changing clinical trial environment,” said Fareed Melhem, senior vice president of Medidata Acorn AI. “We are excited to work side-by-side with Thermo Fisher’s clinical research business to combine our technology, data and expertise. Together, we now offer companies new ways to redesign their clinical trials with access to live, cross-industry site performance data.

The TrueCast platform is powered by data from Thermo Fisher’s clinical research activity from 40,000 sites, 50,000 researchers and over 2,000 studies, as well as Medidata’s unique datasets generated from over 26,000 clinical trials and nearly 8 million patients in more than 140 countries around the world. This combined powerful resource reduced the average Phase III study enrollment period by an average of 1.5 months in retrospective trial simulations when site recommendation models were used to select a portion of country and site footprint. Thermo Fisher also expects to achieve a 30% increase in the accuracy of test prediction stages, the company added.

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