2K Confirms Support Site Data Breach and Warns Personal Data Likely Compromised

2K, the publisher behind NBA 2K, Bioshock and more is facing a security breach. The company contacts players via email, notifying them of the personal data compromise.

On September 19, 2K’s support platform was compromised. “Earlier today, we learned that an unauthorized third party had illegally accessed the credentials of one of our vendors on the support platform that 2K uses to support its customers.” tweeted 2K. Following this, the publisher confirms that the breach results in the theft of personal information.

“We are contacting you to inform you that an unauthorized third party has accessed a limited amount of your personal data held in 2K’s support system and obtained a copy of it,” 2K said in an email. A Reddit user posted the full emailhighlighting the publisher’s notice.

2K confirms that player names, emails, gamertags, console details and other sensitive information provided to the company are compromised. However, the publisher is reluctant to indicate whether financial information has also been hacked. “There is no indication that your financial information or passwords held on our systems have been compromised,” the company claims.

It looks like whoever is behind the hack is already contacting players. 2K is warning players that malicious links and phishing scams may have been sent through the Support Portal under the guise of 2K. In this case, these links can lead to further compromise of sensitive data such as passwords stored on their devices. The support portal is back online. 2K recommends that players “be vigilant of unauthorized third parties”.

To be clear, it appears that this breach primarily affects those who have contacted 2K through the support portal. The breach does not appear to affect players who are actively playing 2K games or have a 2K account. However, it is always worth staying vigilant on all your accounts.

2K has been reeling from not one but two major breaches recently. Subsidiary Rockstar Games was hit by one of the biggest game leaks last month. More than 90 improvised videos Grand Automatic Flight 6 were stolen and leaked due to “network intrusion”. The FBI is currently investigating the 17-year-old hacker accused of infiltrating the studio’s systems.

Image credit: 2K

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