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About us

We are a group of 3 girls with several years of experience in the world of adult video chat. We met when we were broadcasting for a famous page and since then we have followed the same path. We have broadcast for a multitude of videochat pages, both nationally and internationally and we know which are the pages that pay the best models and in which it is easier to earn money.

work with webcam

My name is Shane Stenesia, I am 25 years old and I am from California , I started working with the webcam 4 years ago and currently it is my main source of income. I have worked for many webcam sites, with the best earnings coming from world focus sites. I am currently broadcasting for Chaturbate and am quite satisfied as I have seen that viewers are quite active and like to reward models frequently. I have seen that there are quite a few models from my country broadcasting on Chaturbate and that encourages me since more and more girls, boys and couples are making money without having to resort to video chat agencies or intermediaries and that it is possible to do so by working directly for the webcam page. In my opinion, I think Chaturbate is a very interesting page to start with, especially if you don't have previous experience, since there aren't too many rules to follow when broadcasting and you can make the show however you want.

My technique:

I currently use the hidden show password technique. Using the corresponding app, I request a payment of 100 tokens from all those who want to access my hidden show. Once the time is up, those who have paid get their password and can watch the show. With this method I am earning 3000 tokens a day on average, about $ 150. There are good days and not so good but those are the gains that I usually have.

I work on webcam I'm Gail, I live in Mexico and like my other 2 companions, I dedicate myself to video chat for adults. We decided to open this website to offer information to girls and boys who are looking for work in video chat and do not know which page to work for. My advice is that they do not look at the pages of agencies, studios and others. If you can broadcast from home, do so as you will earn more money and will not depend on a third party to control your earnings.

By broadcasting directly to Chaturbate I have made more money than ever since I started and despite the fact that there is now much greater competition between webcam pages, Chaturbate has a large user base who visit the page every day to see their favorite models.

I think the secret to making a good income is to broadcast consistently for 3-4 hours in the first few days and promote yourself as much as possible. Having a fixed schedule is quite useful because it helps viewers to remember when you usually broadcast and they are usually there for you. Offering a show with good images that are attractive helped me a lot to fill my channel with people and that is what I recommend. Show your best version and offer an exciting and quality show and it will not take long to see income.

My technique:

I do shows with my partner and we have sex in front of the webcam. Viewers love real sex shows and they pay very well. We simply ask for some contributions of tokens to start our show that are updated as the objectives are met, all thanks to the apps designed for this.

webcam job

My name is Paige Truner and I am from Florida . I started working with the webcam in 2004 and had experiences of all kinds. I was scammed a couple of times by people who required a payment to start working, so it can be said that I have experienced both the worst and the best in this sector. One thing you should be clear about is that to work as a webcam girl, you don't need to pay anything. If someone does, run away. In this sense, I opted long ago for international video chat sites like Chaturbate. They are the ones that have given me the best results and since the payments are really punctual, I don't have to worry about anything except issuing.

Sometimes I enter the channels of my 2 companions and make some contributions of tokens in order to encourage other viewers to do the same, it is a fairly effective technique as well as simple.

My technique:

I do various shows, I mix a little bit of BDSM with more traditional shows. I like to broadcast with my partner although it is not always available and I have to do it alone. I use a lot of sex toys when I am alone and they are the favorites of my subscribers. In any case, I always like to offer good images of myself in front of the cam, since those same images are the ones you see on the main page and can attract more people to my channel.

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