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Frequently asked questions about video chat for adults.

preguntas frecuentes trabajo videochat

Welcome to the adult video chat FAQ.

What is erotic video chat?

They are webcam shows where users choose the girl they want to see by accessing her channel, and visual communication is established between the model and the client. There are public shows where several users enter the same channel and other private shows where the VIP user enjoys alone with the girl of his choice. In both cases it is possible to get a lot of money.

Ideally, keep clients connected for as long as possible. For this it is vital to please them with a good conversation or a very sexy show. It is usually a good idea to surprise clients with new things, such as costumes, place the webcam in high-voltage places like the shower or on your bed, and treat them with great sympathy.

In the end, loyalty to your customers so that they return is what will bring a constant benefit, since they will be wanting to repeat.

What do I need to issue?

Not much. A computer, a webcam and a broadband internet connection. It is recommended that the broadcasting site is well lit, has an acceptable decoration and is free from disturbing noise. Each factor counts in making visitors feel at home. The quality of the connection determines the image quality. It is very important that the quality of it is optimal.

What attitude is required?

Obviously the more time you spend, the higher your income will be. It is important to note that we are looking for girls who want to broadcast on a regular basis, since the more regularly over time, the greater the chances that users will know you, and retain them. All of this results in higher income for the model.

Can you live working only on videochat?

Of course. Taking that into account, and that you work from home (you can work in a studio if you can't do it at home), with the schedule you prefer, they make it a perfectly valid job, and that you can combine with your usual job if you do. you want. You set the schedule yourself, it doesn't matter if you start at 8 in the morning or at 10 at night, the decision is yours.

Can you recognize me while I broadcast?

Each model can block several countries of your choice, so the broadcast is not seen in your country of residence or in those you have selected. Privacy is something that is taken very seriously.

Which model profile is the right one?

Girls, boys or couples from any Spanish-speaking country. It is mandatory to be over 18 years old. The ideal age range is between 18 and 35 years old, although it is not essential. It is very important that you are outgoing and enjoy chatting with users while offering a very hot show.

Is previous experience required?

It's not necesary.

How are payments made?

Payments are made every 15 days. Each model can request a FirstChoicePay debit card to which funds are transferred each month. These cards work at any ATM.

Can I broadcast with a mask?

You can broadcast with your face covered without any problem. That being said, you shouldn't be afraid of your face showing. Your broadcast cannot be seen from your country unless you express otherwise. That way you wouldn't have to worry about family or friends being able to see you. The totally safe emission.

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