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Tutorial on how to register on Chaturbate

How to register on Chaturbate.

If you need help on how to register on Chaturbate, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. We started! Click on the following button to go to the registration page.

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First, fill in the form indicated in green

tutorial chaturbate help

If you look at the screenshot that we have attached, you must fill in your data in the area highlighted in green. You will need to enter your username, email, date of birth and your gender.

We recommend that you write the username in English, as it is the most widely used language and will help you capture some users. Choose the username carefully, as you will not be able to change it and it is the name that everyone will see when you are broadcasting. Choose something sexy and attractive. When you're ready, click the orange button to continue.

Choose the option "Broadcast yourself" or broadcast yourself.

tutorial chaturbate 2 help

Click with the mouse on "Broadcast Yourself" or broadcast yourself, to enter your room from where you will broadcast and you can control all the options.

A warning image will appear advising you to follow Chaturbate guidelines in your broadcasts. To continue, click on the "I agree" button.

Now you must configure your webcam.

tutorial chaturbate 3 help

We assume that your webcam is already installed and working properly. If this is not the case simply follow the instruction manual. The normal thing after connecting it to any USB port, is that you have to insert the DVD with the drivers and follow the instructions on the screen. Then you will have to restart the computer and you will be ready to broadcast.

The area in which your video appears is highlighted in green in the image you see above. You must grant the application permission to access your webcam. Just click the green button to grant it.

In the image quality options you should find the right combination between "Quality" and Resolution. The lower the quality, the more pixelated the image will appear. The higher resolution the sharper the image will be. If your internet connection is slow, you must find the ideal compromise between quality and speed. A webcam stream that goes below 15 fps will not look very smooth and will have a negative impact on your revenue and the quality of the broadcast. Try to see the broadcast at more than 15 FPS. This data can be seen within the video window, next to the settings.

Verify your age and identity

tutorial chaturbate 4 help

Verifying your age is mandatory in order to earn money on Chaturbate. The process consists of signing a document on their website (writing your name) and sending 2 photos. To begin the verification process you must click on any of the links available in your private room. You have one just below the video window and one on the right.

In this first step, you will have to write your real name, email and your date of birth. The date of birth may appear in American format so you will have to choose the month first, then the day and finally the year. To advance, click on the gray button that appears below.

chaturbate 5 tutorial

The contract that you must sign will appear, along with a box at the bottom in which you must sign writing your full name.

chaturbate 6 tutorial

Once that step is completed, you must go back to the previous window and you will reach the part where you must send 2 photos. The first includes 2 sharp and clear photographs of your identity card or identity document on both sides. The second image that you must send consists of a photo in which your face is clearly visible and in which you hold the document next to it.

chaturbate 7 tutorial

Your document should be read well in this image as well, so try to make sure the room is well lit and that both the document and your face are clearly visible. The photos you must send are like the ones you see below. Click on them to see how big they should be. It is important that you put in the same photo, the front and back of your card or identity document, passport, driving license, etc. The document's issue date, expiration date, name and age must be clearly seen. In the other photo you have to see your face and the same document well, shown to the camera.

identification card


We are already near the end. Chaturbate will contact you to confirm if the request has been processed successfully. Most of the times when verification fails it is because the photos are not of the necessary quality. Make sure the photos you send are of adequate sharpness to check the data without problems. If you do, Chaturbate usually takes little time to verify your data.

Send your payment details

token stats arrows

To receive payments, you have to enter the "Token Stats" tab, indicated by a red arrow in the image above. Once there, click on "Payment information form", indicated by a green arrow. That will take you to the screen you see below. Fill in all the data correctly and click on the orange button below. With that you will have sent your payment information. It is important to emphasize that the data to be completed varies depending on whether or not you are a resident of the USA.

If you are not, choose the correct option as explained in the image and select FirstChoicePay as your payment method. If you don't have a FirstChoicePay account, make one from this link and then come back to fill out the form. When you choose FirstChoicePay as your payment method in that form, it will take you to the FirstChoicePay page, asking you to identify yourself with your username and password. Once you do, your FirstChoicePay account will be connected to Chaturbate and you can now receive payments. That is why it is important to create a FirstChoicePay account BEFORE filling out the payment form.

payment information with subtitle

To transfer what you have won to your FirstChoicePay account or your chosen payment method, you must go back to the Token Stats tab, and enter in the box, the amount of tokens you want to convert to real money. We remind you that to make a withdrawal, you will have to have more than 1000 tokens accumulated in your account (equivalent to 50 dollars) and that said request must be before the end of the payment period in which you are (from 1 to 15 or from the 16th to the end of the month). On that same screen, a countdown appears with the time you have to request a withdrawal of money. If you miss the deadline, you will have to wait for the next payment period.

Customize your video chat room

chaturbate 8 tutorial

Once your age is verified, you must configure your room. In the area that you see in green, you have several options. Fix your eyes on the tabs above.

In "My Bio" you can edit information about yourself, area of ​​residence, tastes, etc. Many models do not fill in this part or put invented or vague data. It is not mandatory to complete them unless specified. You can also upload photos or videos to sell later. You just have to click on "Upload new pics or videos" and you can do it, as well as choose a price for each item you want to sell. The usual price for each pack of photos or videos usually ranges between 200 or 300 tokens, although you decide.

The "Settings and privacy" tab allows you to block countries and regions among other things. If the page appears in English, with a browser such as Google Chrome you can translate the texts by right-clicking on any area of ​​the page and selecting "translate to Spanish". Choose the regions you want to block, even if you don't overdo it since the more blocked areas the fewer viewers you will have. From here you can also choose the price for your private shows, up to 90 tokens per minute. It goes without saying that the higher the price, the less public for your private area you will have. Do tests and choose the rate that works best for you.

In "Token Stats" or "Token Statistics" you can see how many tokens you have won by converting them into real money. Remember that it is essential to convert your tokens into real money before the end of the current payment period. The minimum amount that you must have is 1000 tokens that are equivalent to 50 dollars. If you have not earned that amount, you will have to wait for the next pay period in which you earn more than that amount. The earnings of the current period and those of previous dates will then be transferred to you. There are two periods for payments, from 1 to 15 and from 16 to the last day of the month. What you have earned in those periods is what is accounted for when making payments. Payments are made up to 7 days maximum after those periods end. You will receive an email from FirstChoicePay and another from Chaturbate advising you that your money is available. We repeat that as long as you have won more than 1000 tokens ($ 5 after conversion) in the last payment period, if not you will have to wait for the next one. Earning less than $ 50 is unlikely as long as you take your job seriously.

Time to configure the apps and bots

chaturbate tutorial 9

Finally, you need to configure the available apps and bots. Go to the "Apps & Bots" tab. You must choose 1 app and up to 3 bots.

The apps allow the model to choose the main theme of the room, play games with the spectators, show the user who has given the most money, delete the current token goal once it has been reached and show the next one, request tokens to access to a future private show, etc. Each app is different and we advise you to look at them all. Each app has a configuration area where the appropriate parameters for its operation are chosen. Choosing an app or bots is not mandatory but it can help you energize your room and that your viewers have a better time interacting with you.

Bots are small pieces of code that automate repetitive tasks. They can be used to notify users of certain things, give automatic notifications, give thanks automatically, self-moderation, filter for offensive language ... etc. They are like having invisible helpers working for you. As we have said, you can have up to three running simultaneously .

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To remove the password, go to the "Settings and privacy" tab and where it says "password required for other to view your cam", remove the password you have set.

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