Financing in Padua: the most convenient loan.

In this article we will compile a list of banking and financial institutions that provide various types of financing in the city of Padua and its province.

The services of Good Lender and Agree Bank

The services of Good Lender and Prestige Bank

Good Lender makes available to all its customers in Padua an advantageous personal loan, or a type of financing that is not linked to the expense of a particular object or service in particular. Specifically, in this loan the rate is fixed and the repayment takes place through small installments every month.

This loan can have a very wide duration, in fact it ranges from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 120 months. Good Lender loans in the city of Padua are very versatile and are dedicated to various categories of subjects and workers, such as for example pensioners, self-employed workers, state and public employees, the Cream bank and the Astro Finance.

These are non-finalized personal loans and therefore, all citizens who request them, can spend the money received as they see fit to satisfy every need. Good Lender also makes loans available to the citizens of Padua through the assignment of the fifth and, also in this case, the loan is totally not finalized.

Also for the transfer of the fifth of Good Lender the rule is never to exceed 20 percent of the monthly net salary for the repayment of the installments, while as regards the category of retired subjects the installments will be deducted 20 percent directly from their pension, they are pensioners who are up to 85 years of age upon the expiry of the loan contract can be financed by assignment of the fifth.

Agree Bank includes in its loan in Padua a convenient insurance coverage both for life and against the loss of the job and promises that both the residual debt of the amortization and the cost are fully borne by the financial group. Your employment contract is sufficient as a guarantee, which guarantees the applicant a very convenient and low interest rate since it is not increased by the risks of non-payment of the installment.

With Agree Bank there is no need to justify the reason for the request as it is a non-finalized loan, the cost of the preliminary investigation is borne by the institution, it is a loan dedicated to all categories, even if there have been previously protests or if you have financial problems like being considered bad payers.

Applying for a loan in Padua through this financial institution is not difficult, it is very fast and only some essential documents are necessary for the success of the practice, namely your tax code, the last paycheck received, an identity document being processed validity such as identity card, driving license or passport, the latest complete CUD model received and in case the applicant is retired, his pension slip.

Good Lender services, loans for public and private employees in Padua

Prestiter services, loans for public and private employees in Padua

The famous Italian financial group Good Lender provides loans in the city of Padua and nearby both through the assignment of the fifth and loans with delegation. In both cases, if you choose this type of loan, both the rate and the monthly installment to be repaid to the group remain fixed for the entire duration of the amortization contract, there are advantageous insurance guarantees that are used to cover both life and is the risk of losing your job.

The payment of the small monthly installments to be repaid takes place in an extremely simple and convenient way for the applicant since the payments are made directly by his employer every month or in the case of a pensioner by the social security institution that gives his pension. The installments range from 24 to 120 months and are very flexible according to the beneficiary’s needs and the estimate is free and without obligation.