Everyone is Wearing Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been the official outfitter of so many sporting events for so long, this is almost inherent. Like golfers, swimmers, and U.S. Olympic Team. Ralph Lauren is not strang to tennis, either.

In 2003, Ralph Lauren was the first official outfitter of the Wimbeldon tournament, and in 2005 it was same for the U.S. Open.

On the drizzly day in late June this year, the hundreds of U.S. Open ball fans dressed in head to toe Ralph. What’s a surprise for all of us.

But for those fans, it may not that easy, “It was much harder than I thought. I felt like I was back in gym class when I was trying to have hand eye coordination,” said Anna Hecht, 21, who was one of the first people to try out.

“They shouldn’t even be noticed,” said by Ralph Lauren official, who was shouting drill sergeant like commands at the participants. “Gone in a flash.”
Although the flushed faces and sheen of sweat, the participants looked exceptionally chic in the outfits.

“I felt like I was in cheerleading again, with the skirt,” said Ms. Hecht. “But it was comfortable, slick. Even flattering!”

Another fan, Justin Smith, 24, he was surprised at the level of coordination the job requires. “When you watch on TV it doesn’t look that hard– so I thought,” he said, panting. “But when you’re on that court, balls flying at you a million miles an hour you realize how quick it all is.” When asked how about the outfit, “It’s Ralph Lauren! So fantastic,” Mr. Smith said. “Super comfortable, super light.”

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