Credit card with insurance – Credit card with travel insurance

When choosing a credit card, you have many choices as a customer and it is important that you consider all aspects to find the right solution.

It involves the credit amount, annual fees and the insurance provided. One of the most well known forms is a credit card with cancellation insurance, while few providers also offer you travel insurance.

Good Finance has looked at what types of insurance you can get as part of your credit card solution.

What can I be insured against?

What can I be insured against?

Overall, there are three different types of insurance associated with the widespread credit cards on the market. It concerns the following:

  • Purchase Insurance: Covers purchases of goods via the card.
  • Cancellation insurance: Applies to the airline tickets you have purchased.
  • Travel Insurance: Covers you on your journey.

We can especially recommend the credit card from Bank Good Credit, with both travel and cancellation insurance.

In addition to focusing on the credit card’s associated insurance policies, you should also consider the other benefits you can enjoy. The possibility of good discounts, earning CashPoints or interest-free credit for up to 45 days is not unusual.

So all elements should be taken into consideration, but pay special attention to annual fees and fees. For the most expensive it can cost USD 1,695, while it is free for others. It certainly makes a big difference to your total costs as a customer.

Get a credit card with travel insurance?

Get a credit card with travel insurance?

If you travel a lot, you should definitely consider a credit card with travel insurance and this can be obtained from several providers. Online, it is primarily with two providers that you can apply for this solution.

It is with Bank Good Credit and Loan and Credit Eurocard (Gold and Platinum) while it is not included with the other providers. If you choose to inquire at the bank, banks such as E-Money and E-Cash Bank both offer travel insurance as part of the solution.

Bank Good Credit offers cards with insurance

Bank Good Credit offers cards with insurance

Bank Good Credit is one of the most widespread credit card providers in the market as they offer you both cancellation and travel insurance, as well as the opportunity to earn points. This means that you can save a lot of money if you eg chooses to fly with the Good Credit company.

The solution and their financial products are currently popular in Norway and Sweden, but are expected to come to Denmark during 2016. It will be exciting to follow and Good Finance will definitely follow it closely.

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