2014 New Ralph Lauren Huge Discount for Coming Hot September

U.S. apparel label POLO Ralph Lauren is showcasing a pair of enamel painted Stirrup watches.

To launch the timepieces, branding expert at marketing consultancy firm Frankel & Anderson, Los Angeles. Rob Frankel said  proudly, “First, it reinforces their Polo brand identity,” “That’s why it’s polo and not go-karts”.

“Pretty sure that Ralph Lauren is concerned about the overexposure of its brand which would lead to its cheapening in value,” he added.

Ralph Lauren shared its craftsmanship video on Twitter and Facebook, letting consumers know that there are only two design.

The video begins by showing the watch dial, followed by footage of polo players on horses galloping toward the viewer. Text appears on-screen, telling consumers of the “iconic design,” “legendary artistry” and “finest watchmaking traditions” behind the brand’s timepieces.

As a hand goes to dip a paintbrush in water, text tells consumers they are about to witness the Grand Feu technique, in which enamel is applied by hand.   A transparent glaze is then applied and inspected by man before the watch is fired up to 800 degrees.

After running a full circle, once the watch is pulled out of the fire, the video again shows polo players in the middle of a play. Copy included with the YouTube video tells consumers that the technique used dates back to the 17th century.

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