High-End Luxury Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren changed chaussure from a licensed to owned segment in 2006 and restarted in 2008. At the meantime, the company got direct authorization of its licensed handbags and leather goods business. After then, the leather goods category has increased at an average of twenty percent annually. Currently, handbags, footwear and leather goods represent less than ten percent of total sales. The company has declared that they intended to increased this category to about twenty percent of the top-goods, which should support that this kind of goods will have gain more benefit than apparel.

So, Ralph Lauren (RL) change the appearance and sensation of the stores. Before then, when visitors come to the store, they are very possible to find the polo staple on the display.but now people will discover luxurious goods and accessories. The company is adopting careful methods to draw a very obvious distinction between its Polo based lineage and its aspirations as a serious competitor in the high-end luxury space.

When the company launched Ricky handbag, then, it will start at a price of two thousand and five hundred dollars and extends to eighteen thousand dollars, the company is putting into direct competition with the likes of Hermes, Dior, Valentino and Louis Vuitton, other brands. Ricky handbag is not so smooth at the beginning time. It adopted the strategy is that small profits but quick turnover, but the shift in strategy is clear.

The purpose behind the change towards the higher classes of luxury seems to be higher profits, but an swapped explanation is possible.The company can use this chance to re-engineer its brand image all around the world. Especially, it will improve the brand image in Asia, especially China.Then, it can also promote its sale amount and profits. Asia is just a ordinary market just now, and it only forms about twelve percent of the company’s current sales but this market will be promising in the future.China is the will be the biggest luxury market in the worldwide which spending on luxury goods in 2013-the majority of this spending was directed towards watches, personal care goods, perfumes and leather hand bags and so one. The Ralph Lauren brand is new to Chinese consumers and this provides considerable leeway to the company in terms of how it wants to sell its brand image. As a result, the company is using this time frame to gain a firmer foothold in the luxury goods market. The Polo Ralph Lauren will be accepted by more and more Chinese.

Cheap Ralph Lauren Accessories Outlet

If you didn’t shop in a Ralph Lauren POLO shirt store recently, you might be surprised to discover the brand’s popular preppy shirts, sweaters and other sportswear with the polo-player logo. However, the most intersting thing should be those small accessories: $4,100 for men’s watches with polished stainless-steel cases, crocodile bags and lace-up dress shoes starting at around $500.

The first and foremost accessory should be the Ralph Lauren jewelry, Ralph Lauren launched fine jewelry since 2010 at the New York women’s store, including pavé diamonds links and chandelier earrings.
Even though Ralph Lauren has made luxury products for a long time, including the glamorous runway fashion collection, the brand has still been most identified in the public mind with moderate-to-upper-priced apparel in the Polo line. Polo contributes a significant portion of the company’s sales, according to Joan Payson, an analyst with Barclays.

Ralph Lauren Company is putting accessories like shoes, bags, scarves and belts at the front of its push into Asia and luxury’s upper reaches Ralph Lauren Outlet.

In February, Ralph Lauren named Valérie Hermann, the former CEO at luxury labels Reed Krakoff and Yves Saint Laurent, as the new president of Ralph Lauren Luxury Collections. She will oversee strategy, merchandising, distribution and expansion of the global luxury businesses, reporting to the 74-year-old designer.

“What we’ve begun to realize,” David Lauren, son of  said, “as we expand globally into markets like China and develop an accessories business—which is critical in the development of retail in Asia—is that we need people who come with different experiences and a different sense of how to get things done,” he said. She’s helping us “to quickly understand that market and open the right stores, to market the right way, to understand that customer base.”

Ralph Lauren expects handbags, shoes and other leather goods to grow faster than the overall company for the next several years. “If you look at a lot of luxury brands today like Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Gucci, more than 70% of their products are accessories,” David Lauren said. “They don’t necessarily sell a lot of clothes. Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani are primarily clothing businesses. Our goal is to build our accessories business to be a much larger part of our business.”

“Today when you open a magazine you’re as likely to see a Ralph Lauren Ricky bag as you are a Ralph Lauren gown or suit.” David Lauren said.

Expectation for 2015 Ralph Lauren Men Wears


Ralph Lauren POLO products are always full of fun. The main features or the trend for next year cheap Ralph Lauren are Purple Label, Black Label, and Polo collections. For Purple Label, it was manifested in a safari-inspired capsule collection complete with zebra pattern pants, matching leaf print shirts and ties, and textured tailored good in neutral hues that made even a three-piece suit seem confortable. It’s a fresh spin on luxury menswear echoed in the Purple Label check and windowpane tonal suits, as well as some bright colored cashmere sweaters, dress shirts, and even lightweight knit Bengal stripe button-downs.

To match the POLO Ralph Lauren, there ia a obviously urban edge to the tried-and-true American sportswear offerings. Black was the first choice in color and it was used for preppy-inspired staples like cricket sweaters and cotton peacoats but also new leather motorcycle jackets and waxed and washable denim. The execution made you look at Polo in a whole new way. Silhouettes that have always been endemic to the brand suddenly looked, well, badass, which isn’t a word you’d usually associate with the label. Maybe for the new Polo flagship store opening later this month in New York City, Mr. Lauren had thought Midwest and Midtown Manhattan.

For Black Label, the tailoring workmanship and sportswear still cut in a mean line, where in the form of black-and-white panel motorcycle pants or one standout shawl collar midnight blue tuxedo. The collection excels at offering the right clothes any modern fashionable guy would want right now—for work or to play. The on-duty or off-duty are equal, whose offerings could be found in the accessories collections across all labels as well, albeit with amped-up details. A slim alligator soft briefcase came in navy, a carry-on rolling suitcase was made two-tone in camel and army green, and even a pair of pristine white leather high-tops had contrast navy trim at the ankle. Like most of the RL universe for next season, the details and clever touches elevate everyday goods guys reach for most. In fact, some of them can be found in market.



Everyone is Wearing Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been the official outfitter of so many sporting events for so long, this is almost inherent. Like golfers, swimmers, and U.S. Olympic Team. Ralph Lauren is not strang to tennis, either.

In 2003, Ralph Lauren was the first official outfitter of the Wimbeldon tournament, and in 2005 it was same for the U.S. Open.

On the drizzly day in late June this year, the hundreds of U.S. Open ball fans dressed in head to toe Ralph. What’s a surprise for all of us.

But for those fans, it may not that easy, “It was much harder than I thought. I felt like I was back in gym class when I was trying to have hand eye coordination,” said Anna Hecht, 21, who was one of the first people to try out.

“They shouldn’t even be noticed,” said by Ralph Lauren official, who was shouting drill sergeant like commands at the participants. “Gone in a flash.”
Although the flushed faces and sheen of sweat, the participants looked exceptionally chic in the outfits.

“I felt like I was in cheerleading again, with the skirt,” said Ms. Hecht. “But it was comfortable, slick. Even flattering!”

Another fan, Justin Smith, 24, he was surprised at the level of coordination the job requires. “When you watch on TV it doesn’t look that hard– so I thought,” he said, panting. “But when you’re on that court, balls flying at you a million miles an hour you realize how quick it all is.” When asked how about the outfit, “It’s Ralph Lauren! So fantastic,” Mr. Smith said. “Super comfortable, super light.”

If you have missed such great occassion, please pay attention to more other Ralph Lauren related sports events.

Ralph Lauren Ads in iPad App

With a more and more popular using of ipad for countless consumers, ads on ipad is getting hotter and hotter. Fo the New York Times, traditional fall is advertising blitz, but in this year,  Ralph Lauren will be the lone sponsor of the media outlet’s iPad app for September, will provide free access to five paid sections, run live streamed video and will usher in a new type of ad for the format.
A spokeswoman of Times says this is the first time that the app will have a single sponsor. Usually, there are six advertisers for the app, since it launched in April 2010. It has been downloaded 2.5 million times and receives 850,000 unique visitors per month, a Times representative says. But the rep declined to tell how much such a sponsorship costs. Reps from Ralph Lauren could not be reached for comment, either.

Ralph Lauren’s ads campaign will also provide free access to five normally paid sections of the app, including Fashion & Style, Home & Garden, T Magazine, Sports and Travel. In addition, the brand will run live streaming video of its Fashion Week runway show on Sept. 15 and introduce a new type of expandable ad called a “magalog.”

Ralph Lauren typically makes a big ads plan in the Times in September, when the industry introduces its new fall lines. To mention that, in the past, the brand has executed front-page takeovers of the newspaper’s homepage.

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Low Price Ralph Lauren with Wearable Tech


Fashion is everything for most of consumers, because we love to be unique, we love new things, expecially when we heard wearable tech. Wearable tech and fashion are supposed to be collide on one of the world’s most-watched tennis courts.

The compression shirt will be worn by ball boys during the tournament, it features biometric technology from OMSignal and the signature design of Ralph Lauren. The sleek nylon shirts can track the wearer’s heart rate, steps, calories burned, breathing and stress levels. All the info tracked by the shirt will be conveniently displayed on an iPhone app or a computer screen at no price to the wearer.

This marriage of design and tech is a first try for Ralph Lauren company. “It all starts with Ralph Lauren and he was really looking to take the Polo brand into the future,” said David Lauren, Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations and Ralph Lauren’s son.

However, what’s known to most of us is that wearable tech has a tendency to be clunky or obtrusive, while Ralph Lauren’s version is simply an athletic-fitting black T-shirt with a conductive silver-coated thread woven out of sight into the fabric.

So let’s see how Ralph Lauren’s compression shirt works, it intends to help consumers integrate these types of helpful statistics into everyday life. In the first half of next year, it plans to unveil a line of classic dress shirts with the same capability of the black T-shirts on display at the Open.

Although experiencing a great victory nowadays, clearly, Ralph Lauren has not let its failed experiment with tech in the ‘90s, when it tested carbon-fiber jeans and ski jackets with MP3s players sewn into the sleeves, keep it away from this territory. David Lauren, the executive vice president for advertising, marketing, and corporate communications for Ralph Lauren, and son of the designer, said simply about the past attempts, “Not everyone knew how to use MP3 players.”

The future of wearable tech grows increasingly brighter day by day. All of us are supposed to be getting more and more wonderful products.

Huge Discount for Luxury Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is getting more and more popular, it’s not only luxury for a Manhattan store, but many other shops and strategies, the company’s chief says such endeavors help define the brand.
Many of  Ralph Lauren store will have several firsts, including a lingerie line, fine jewelry and made-to-order suits for women.

When Polo Ralph Lauren opens a 22,000-square-foot store at Madison Avenue and 72nd Street in Manhattan. The store, built to resemble a mansion, will be the brand’s largest women’s store and will also feature home collections and new lines of lingerie and fine jewelry.

Polo built the store make it a classic New York mansion. Since 1986, it has had a store in the former Rhinelander Mansion across the street at 72nd and Madison, but it added this one to give the women’s and home lines much more room. The company has also confirmed that urban and tourist stores are doing better than regional and local ones, and this store is meant to be a draw tourists.

In fact, at the men’s store opposite the street, there was hardly an American accent to be found among the shoppers, and many even carried New York City guidebooks.

“They’ve been there for a long time, and it’s somewhat of a destination,” said Laura Pomerantz, principal at PBS Real Estate. “There is certainly traffic there as a result,” she said, “and it’s a well-heeled tourist.”

Although Mr. Lauren dressed in his signature casual American style, the items he sells have broadened quite a bit – as the new women’s store shows.

What is always missing are the lower-end products that are sold wholesale to stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s: the piles of chinos, sweatshirts and socks emblazoned with the Polo horse.

“You make your statement when you’re advertising and opening stores,” Mr. Lauren said. “When they shop your stuff in the department store, they see your things and they know it’s POLO Ralph Lauren.”

Cheap Ralph Lauren Sportswear Outlet

POLO Ralph Lauren is engaged in clothing design, marketing and distribution of products, including men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories (including footwear), fragrances and home furnishings. Among all these collections, sports can always the core theme.


POLO Ralph Lauren has been sponsored Wimbledon, USTA, Golf, U.S. Olympic Team. Early In April 2008, Polo Ralph Lauren won the U.S. Olympic contract to outfit the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team.

In July 2009, it was announced Ralph Lauren would continue its partnership with the U.S. Olympic team for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

The 2012 US Olympic team uniforms for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics were designed by Ralph Lauren himself. Not long after that, the Ralph Lauren company announced Friday night that it would begin making them in the United States beginning with the 2014 Olympics.

“For more than 45 years, Ralph Lauren has built a brand that embodies the best of American quality and design rooted in the rich heritage of our country. We are honored to continue our long standing relationship with the United States Olympic Committee in the 2014 Olympic Games by serving as an official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams. Ralph Lauren promisesd to lead the conversation within the industry and our government to address the issue to increase manufacturing in the United States. We have committed to producing the opening and closing ceremony Team USA uniforms in the United States that will be worn for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.”

2014 New Ralph Lauren Huge Discount for Coming Hot September

U.S. apparel label POLO Ralph Lauren is showcasing a pair of enamel painted Stirrup watches.

To launch the timepieces, branding expert at marketing consultancy firm Frankel & Anderson, Los Angeles. Rob Frankel said  proudly, “First, it reinforces their Polo brand identity,” “That’s why it’s polo and not go-karts”.

“Pretty sure that Ralph Lauren is concerned about the overexposure of its brand which would lead to its cheapening in value,” he added.

Ralph Lauren shared its craftsmanship video on Twitter and Facebook, letting consumers know that there are only two design.

The video begins by showing the watch dial, followed by footage of polo players on horses galloping toward the viewer. Text appears on-screen, telling consumers of the “iconic design,” “legendary artistry” and “finest watchmaking traditions” behind the brand’s timepieces.

As a hand goes to dip a paintbrush in water, text tells consumers they are about to witness the Grand Feu technique, in which enamel is applied by hand.   A transparent glaze is then applied and inspected by man before the watch is fired up to 800 degrees.

After running a full circle, once the watch is pulled out of the fire, the video again shows polo players in the middle of a play. Copy included with the YouTube video tells consumers that the technique used dates back to the 17th century.

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We are Witnessing the Growing of Ralph Lauren?

For more than 40 years, Polo’s reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The Company’s brand names, which include “Polo by Ralph Lauren”, “Ralph Lauren Purple Label”, “Ralph Lauren Collection”, “Black Label”, “Blue Label”, “Lauren by Ralph Lauren”, “Polo Jeans Co.”, “RRL”, “RLX”, “Rugby”, “Ralph Lauren Children wear”, “American Living”, “Chaps”, and “Club Monaco” among others, constitute one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands. Being a long time worldwide famous fashion empire, Ralph Lauren is welcoming his new honor.

In 2009, Ralph Lauren won most popular American designer at council of fashion designers of America Awards ceremony.
Polo Ralph Lauren is pleased to has been awarded with the first-ever Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Popular Vote Award. The awards ceremony took place this evening at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. For the first time, the CFDA asked the public to cast votes online for their favorite designer. The Popular Vote Award was presented to Mr. Lauren by Steven Kolb, the Executive Director of the CFDA.

Early in June 2007, the CFDA also awarded Mr. Lauren the first-ever American Fashion Legend Award. Mr. Lauren is the only designer to receive the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s four highest honors – the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award, the Menswear Designer of the Year Award, the Retailer of the Year Award – as well as the CFDA’s Humanitarian Leadership Award.

Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation is a leader in design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances.

And the Council of Fashion Designers of America is a none-profit trade association whose membership consists of more than 340 of America’s foremost fashion and accessory designers.